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Project Rewire is the brainchild of professional hypnotherapist, author and world renown stunt performer Jonathan Goodwin. Jonathan has been involved in hypnosis and hypnotherapy for over twenty years and has a diploma from the Jacquin Academy of hypnotherapy.

Jonathan realized that there is a widespread mistrust and misconception about hypnotherapy created by the comical presentations of hypnosis in stage performances.

Hypnotherapy is really a panacea that can resolve so many of the unwanted feelings, thoughts and behaviors that inhibit so many people.

Jonathan decided to form Project Rewire in order to move the needle and educate the public about the benefits of hypnosis. Providing an effective treatment platform for anyone, anywhere in the world. Enabling anyone who is struggling to be connected with a Project Rewire hypnotherapist who can help.

There are many bad hypnotherapists, as there is no government oversight or regulation, which is part of the problem. Project Rewire will eliminate this issue by ensuring that the therapists on the platform are the best in the industry.



Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Anxiety & Worry


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