Hypnosis Prep Meditation


World Reknown Professional Hypnotherapist Jonathan Goodwin takes you on a guided meditation designed to help you prepare for  a hypnotic session.

Hypnosis is a skill requiring  the subject to shift their conscious mind, in order for the unconscious mind to become receptive to learning. This shift happens naturally throughout the day to everyone and so in theory everyone  can be hypnotized. However in some cases when a person is required to create this shift on cue, they can have trouble turning down the noise that the  conscious mind creates. In such instances that conscious control is something it is possible to learn. Meditation is an effective way to prepare your mind for hypnosis, as it is the practice of bringing your conscious mind to attend to your existence and little more. Once you can effectively follow this guided meditation and close down your conscious mind or force it to attend to specific things such as your breath or parts of your body, then you are ready for the benefits of hypnotherapy.